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Завтра первый день на работе, и почему-то так страшно...

New Year's Resolutions

find a job
move to a big city
lose some weight and work on abs
fall in love
travel more
learn to get up at 6am
work harder
read more (after graduation)
learn to make carrot cake and bake cookies
have more dinners and parties
dress better
keep in touch with friends
answer to emails as soon as i see them
not to cancel meetings with my advisor
learn to do a split and stand on my head
buy piano, projector after i move
play piano more often
go to a conference or multiple conferences
keep learning
get rid off internet and tv shows addiction
pick up a hobby
write in a journal at least one a week
become more decisive
learn to make pancakes
submit a paper
hike more
Priority number one for the break is to make a list of everything I need to do and learn in the next six months. Because the next six months are going to be critical for my next step in life. If everything goes well, I will defend in the end of June, submit my dissertation and be officially done by August 1st. Will find a job sometime before then, and so I will be moving to (I don't know where yet, but hopefully Seattle), and starting a job sometime in September.

I need to finish my projects and ideally submit a paper. Write my dissertation. I should be able to submit a draft by the middle of June. Learn and review a lot of statistics and some programming languages for job interviews. Also need to make sure I have time to do everything and set priorities in the order of what things have to be done.

прошедшее лето, часть 1

после поездок в июне, весь июль я провела в итаке. я переехала в другую спальню в той же квартире, она намного больше и лучше моей старой спальни. почти все дни проходили по расписанию проснулась - пошла работать в библиотеку - пришла домой - поужинала - легла спать. наверно за тот месяц я отработала больше чем за очень долгое время. по крайней мере у меня были неплохие мотиваторы: конференция в Бостоне и мой А exam (который мне нужно было по любому сдать до начала семестра если я планирую выпуститься до следующего августа).

конференция прошла достаточно неплохо. на моей презентации было немного народа и вопросов никто не задавал, но думаю для первого раза сойдет. Бостон в этот раз мне понравился намного больше. Времени особо гулять по городу не было, но мы все равно пару раз выбрались в даунтаун. Встречались с Дэниэлом и его женой, и Клаудио. Я так по ним всем скучаю. Может выберусь навестить Дэниэла в этом году, он теперь в Северной Каролине. И только после моей презентации, которая была в предпоследний конференции, я выбралась в итальянский район и Кембридж. В прошлый раз в Бостоне мы ездили смотреть Гарвард, поэтому в этот раз я поехала в MIT. Кампус, конечно, крошечный даже по сравнению с Корнеллом, но все равно впечатляет.

После возвращения из Бостона у меня было 4 дня до A exam. Моя комиссия достаточно добрая, так что я не особо волновалась. Экзамен прошел нормально, мне одобрили мои проекты. Сказали что они достаточно интересные. Второй проект пока больше на уровне идей, но его тоже одобрили. Так что теперь дело за малым: закончить проекты, написать диссертацию и найти работу. В идеале до следующего августа. Крайний срок - следующий декабрь.
And now I'm 26.

The day was pretty relaxed. Got a manicure in the morning. Went to a really nice coffee shop for an afternoon coffee and dessert, and Uzbek restaurant for dinner with my parents.

Got a nice camera, which I was craving for the whole summer, as a gift.

Tomorrow celebrating with my best friends and off to London on Saturday. I think it's a pretty good way to start my 26th year.
Today is a weird day. I was supposed to get up early and get to campus before 8pm. I even went to bed yesterday before midnight. As a result the first time I woke up was around 9pm. I didn't even feel tired, but I still couldn't convince myself to get up. As a result I finally got up at 1pm. Took a gower, made pancakes for breakfast, and only now sitting down to start working. The plan for today is to work for 8 hours (to work more after starting so late is pretty unlikely) and then finally get up early to get to campus before 10am.

upd I worked for 8 hours, finished around midnight. Going to bed now, will see if I can get up as early as I want

Travelling, Corvallis, OR

After Utah I flew to Corvallis, OR to hang out/work with Claudio, my friend from Fl. Basically every day looked like this: get up, have coffee, get to the office by noon, work, lunch, work, go out for coffee, work, go out for dinner and repeat. Two of the nights we were hanging out with Claudio's friends, mostly Chileans. That was really fun, we were dancing salsa during one of the nights and I realized I actually really like it especially with a partner whi knows what he is doing. I'm even thinking I should start going to salsa nights here in Ithaca. It's so funny we weren't really close with Claudio in Fl, but now I can talk to him almost like to my best friend. It's just so easy. And he's making the best chocolate martinis, so we ended up having a few late martini nights when we ended up talking until 3am. I don't remember the last time I could/wanted to talk to anyone for so long.

Except for having all this fun and exploring what Oregon has to offer, I think we actually made some progress with our project. Realized that some of the stuff I was doing wasn't exactly right, and I finally got to the point when I know exactly what needs to be done, I'm just not exactly sure how to get it done, but it's still a good step forward. Also Claudio is planning another trip to Ithaca in the fall so we can keep working on our project. So I'm pretty excited about that.

In general, Corvallis is pretty small, kind of like Ithaca. But it's an hour an a half away from Portland which is definitely a plus. The campus is small but pretty nice.

The next step of my trip was taking a train to Seattle.

Travelling, Provo, UT

Came back from travelling to Utah and West coast almost 2 weeks ago. It ws super fun. Even before my trip started i got into trouble. The night before I had to leave, someone hacked my groupon account got hacked and someone made purchases for 500$(!) on my card. So all the time between the flights the next day was spent talking to my bank and groupon. Bank said that they have to deactivate the card immediately because of the fraud, which wouldn't be a big deal unless it was the only card I had on me for my 2 week travel. Luckily they let me get cash from the account before they deactivated it. And a few days later got my money refunded and closed my groupon account.

Otherwise the flying was pretty uneventful. But when I got to Utah it was +8. And I obviously didn't check the weather before pakcing... Luckily it was only one day when it was freezing, the other 3 days the weather was pretty nice. So in Provo I went to BU university for a 3-day workshop on big data. At least a third of the people who were there are industry people and professors, which I didn't expect. For some reason I just assumed that the workshop was for students. Another thing BU university is a big mormon school, so the workshop started with a prayer... Also there are no coffee/alcohol/tobacco on campus. The no coffee thing was pretty hard, especially after having a 2-hour lunch break and after lunch sessions. The first evening after the workshop I spent walking around Provo, which is ok. It's a very small town, but there is a mountain range on one side of the town, which is very beautiful. And campus itself is very pretty too. The next evening everyone was invited to a picnic/dinner at the park right next to the mountains. It was nice to meet some people. And the funny thing is since there were a lot of professors there, pretty much everyone started by asking if I was a professor too, which is pretty flattering :)

The next day was only half day and I was supposed to fly to Oregon the same day. At the closing luncheon I was talking to the speaker and he mentioned that he's going to the airport too and can give me a ride, which I did take advantage off. So I got about an hour of one-to-one talk with an industry person which I think was pretty useful. He gave me some advice and even said that I can email him my resume so he can take a look.

The workshop in general was great. They were covering exactly what I needed. And since I'm starting a new project on big data, this was a very good introduction to the topic.
Tickets to Ithaca-Utah-Portland, Seattle-Ithaca are bought for pretty cheap (+ department will cover most of it)
Workshop in Utah is paid for
Hotel in Utah is booked
Now just need to reserve a shuttle from Salt-Lake city to Provo and back, and figure out minor details for the travel
Went to the department commencements today. It's pretty motivational to say the least. And with the way I was felling lately, I do need to get our of here as soon as possible. Have been feeling really lonely lately. Partly, it's because semester just ended, people are leaving, some of my friends are graduating, some of them are leaving for summer. And I feel all alone. Maybe that's why I'm feeling like I want to have a boyfriend again too...